The Far Reaches

by The Gulls

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The culmination of half a year of writing, recording, and tweaking. The Far Reaches is a psychedelic, funky, synth-filled odyssey about humanity's ultimate duty to leave the Earth and explore the cosmos.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

All writing, performances, recording, mixing, and mastering were done by Benjamin Orzechowski in his home studio, winter 2016 through summer 2017.


released July 20, 2017



all rights reserved


The Gulls Manchester, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Alpha Centauri
Far within our reach
To be our greatest feat
To travel to the stars
We've come this far

Planted in our minds
We're running out of time
Now its time to chose
What do we have to lose?

Out across space
Its only time we race
We should know the stakes
We could be erased

For all we know
We could be alone
Through the vast unknown
On our own

Running out of space
Slowing our pace
We need to expand
Its in our hands

The Earth was home
Now its time to go
The end draws near
The choice is clear
Track Name: Ohm
A forest scorched
A sea that burns
A type type of life unlike our own

It seems we are not welcome here
The end of our rule is near

A creature forged
In toxic waste
Away from it we flee in haste

A primal fear unknown before
Our fight with Earth has turned to war

We set the course
We sealed our fate
We tried to stop but its just too late

We live our lives controlled by fear
We could have stopped it, we'd known for years

And now its done
The Earth has won
We've been expelled, condemned to leave

We could've stopped this fate
But now its way too late
Track Name: Emission Lines
We search across spectra lines to find
A place composed like home
Another world just like our own
A new place to call home

We've looked at stars from afar for so long
Could they harbor future man?
Could they fit into the plan?
Like the Earth on which I stand?

We'll make the jump from Earth to Mars any day
I just don't see another way
But how long there could we stay?
We must continue on our way

The end of time coincides with life on Earth
Place of death and place of birth
Our humble home all we know
But just the edge of where we'll go

We dip our toes into the vast unknown
We just don't know how far we'll go
What is out there in the dark
We just won't know until we start
Track Name: The Far Reaches
[We've come so far
For what we are
Its such a shame
Its all been for fame]

We can't afford to see
Space as a luxury
Its not some silly race
Its not for saving face


We reach far inside
Pockets to justify
Travels to distant worlds we
Touch down with flags unfurled


When all is said and done
Pride lost or battles won
We're left with planets torn
Far Reaches left forlorn

Track Name: Retrograde
Perception is such a strange thing
Surroundings may seem still but they are always changing
You can't tell but you will soon your brain has played you for a fool
Up, down, back, balance under attack in space there is no understanding

In a dizzy spell weak legs heart racing
In the absence of gravity feel your body changing
input does not equal output there's a complex process in between them
In the absence of a standard your brain will fill the blanks

Space illness disorientation
Muscles atrophy just a fact of being confined to the station
Kind of hard to remember standing on my own two feet
I miss my sense of balance I miss my normal life
Track Name: Pale Blue Dot
Every king and queen
Everything you've seen
Status matters not
Stranding on this dot
I used to think I'd know
Which way to go
But now I'm not so sure
The futures still a blur

The future of our kind
Our planet left behind
It makes a lot more sense
Viewed from a lens
Far away from home
From all that we know
We view the Earth we left
What is next we'll have to guess

I can't remember why
Despite how hard I try
Why we felt the need
To live with so much greed
Nothing's truly earned
We never seemed to learn
We claimed to know what's best
For ourselves and all the rest

Life was not a race
No first or second place
Nothing you could do
Your life was given to you
All we had on Earth
Dug up from the dirt
That was all we had
Now it all seems so sad
Track Name: We've Been to Space
Step out across the Lunar-scape
The only hope of Man's escape from Earth
Our future is not here
The end of time draws near

From ancient civilizations to the modern times we relate to
We've searched
For our place among the stars
Still so far to go

When stars give way and chaos reigns we have but one thing that remains
We think we've found our place
Still stuck at the start

Now in our final days we've up and gone our separate ways
The Earth
Is no longer home
Across space we roam
Track Name: As the Lights Go Out
The lights on Earth have all gone dark
Former towns
Sit cold and Stark
And all who called this planet home
Have left it
All alone
Now we float
Through the vast unknown
Free of ties
On our own
The right to stay we lost long ago
Ahead of us so far to go

Time seems to lose all it's weight
Aboard our ship
Stored as freight
Is this it?
The end of the tale?
Is it done?
Have we failed?
And though we long
We long to return
The Earth we left is too far gone
We had our chance
We could've saved our home
But now we drift
All alone

We dim the lights
The Cosmo's endless night
I look around
No future home in sight
Through we tried
We couldn't stay afloat
As they say:
"That's all she wrote"
Its looking bleak
Once hopeful feeling meek
Gathered close
Hoping now to sleep
We close our eyes
Missing home's blue skies
We still don't know
How far we'll fly